The DC along with ASID and IIDA is a coalition member of IDLNY [Interior Designers for Legislation in New York]. We are part of the decision making process as well as our yearly financial contribution, which is of critical importance in their ability to function as the protective umbrella of our profession.

For more information regarding IDLNY and their mission please visit their website here.

IDLNY is an industry coalition dedicated to advance, promote, and monitor the right to practice Interior Design in the State of New York.

IDLNY’s efforts are focused on making CERTIFIED INTERIOR DESIGNERS the GOLD STANDARD of the profession.

IDLNY strives to inform and educate the New York legislative and regulatory bodies, interior designers and consumers about the issues confronting the interior design profession.

IDLNY also continually monitors legislation that could affect the practice of interior design and serves as a representative coalition for this process.